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Prioritizing talent & driving success

Give frontline workers better & easier tools while you get better talent insights and security using Findd Biometrics and AI.

Engage Employees

Engage employees to drive retention, by focusing on their success at work.

Optimize individuals into high-performing teams, just like your favorite sports team.

Predict talent demand, including retention risk before it happens.

Meet “DiDi”
She curates the work experience for each employee and their leadership, 24/7
Everything you need to

Help your team succeed

The Findd Platform is designed with your team’s success in mind. From time management and scheduling to HR and onboarding, Findd creates a system that delights your employees.

Time & labor management

Complete time and labor management (TLM) allows users to create and post work schedules, broadcast open shifts to employees, track worked hours, manage leave/absences, & even conduct workforce planning.

Human resource solutions

A uniquely text-centric platform that engages employees, while streamlining processes like compliance and onboarding with automated workflows.

DiDi curated experiences

DiDi provides transparency, clarity, and accessibility to your employees and leaders with simple, text-based conversations.

Easily integrate Findd solutions with your existing core system:
Provide a path for curated enagagement with DiDi

Your people need personalized support. Now, you can provide it.

With biometrics and AI, Findd creates a technology-forward system that is intuitive and user-friendly. 

Flexibility That Goes

beyond just technology

Your people are ready to go all-in, and so are we. Findd has helped thousands of organizations solve complex workforce problems with easy-to-use solutions. How can we help you?

Take your workforce to a whole new level

Actively engage frontline workers at a whole new level with Findd:
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